Baldr SOL + ODA Combo

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  • Super High Output tail-cap with ODA
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Product Overview

Early-Access Now Re-Opened! Please Read!

It took longer than anticipated, but after at least 30+ revisions and tweaks... we have finally arrived at an ODA that blends the perfect sensitivity, UA (Unintended Activation) resistence, and user comfort.  At this moment all components — both CNC'ed parts (tail cap, retention ring, etc) and polymer parts (ODA knob, activation plate) have been approved for production. 

That said, throughout the development process we've used rapid prototyping and industrial 3D printing extensively, and found the 3D printed knob to be highly durable.  Currently there is a debate raging about whether we even need to injection-mold those two parts.

To help us decide, we have re-opened the order book by offering a limited amount of units with 3D-Printed ODA Knobs.  These will be offered at an introductary discount, in exchange for your feedback after using these 3D printed parts in-person.  All you have to do is fill out a 2-minute feedback form.

Finally, to offer a peace of mind, if we ultimately decided to injection-mold those parts, all owners of 3D printed knobs can request a replacement at no cost to you.  All you have to do is email us when the time comes.


The Baldr SOL is the next revolution in MLOK weapon light mount.  Based on our super rigid Baldr "unibody" design that do away with separate light body + MLOK mount/adapter, the Baldr SOL applies that winning formula with another twist: our most advanced one-piece MLOK mount now has Universal Orientation.

The heart of the SOL (Selectable Orientation Lightbody) is matching threads on both end of the body - featuring 2x the industry standard Surefire M600DF thread.  This means regardless of which direction you mount the body, your favoriate light head (from the grand-o-father M600DF, to the newest LEP laser-beams from Weltool or Z-Bolt, to the slightly older but ever-so-popular Modlites) will always be pointing at the right direction.  From there, pair up with our innovative ODA tail cap and you have one of the most rugged, reliable, and easy-to-use weapon light in the market!

  • Matching threads on both end allows the same MLOK body to be mounted on either side of the gun
  • One-piece, "unibody" design offers unmatched strengths no other adpater can match
  • Available for Micro and Standard sizing
    • Micro will accept common 18350 batteries for the most compact WML
    • Standard is for 18650 batteries when run-time matters
  • Compatible with our innovative SHO (Super-High-Ouput) ODA (Omni directional Activation) Tail Cap (required)
    • Winner of the RECOIL Best Accessory Award for SHOT Show '22!
    • Innovative ODA provides all the benefit of a tape switch, without any of the drawbacks
    • Significantly more glove friendly when compared to standard clicky or even traditional tape switches
    • Much better ergonomic even when transitioned to weak-hand
    • Adjustable sensitivity to prevent unintended activation
    • SHO version can handle 10 Amps of continous current, 3x more than most other switches (such as Surefire Z68)
  • CNC made from aircraft-grade aluminum, right here in the US-of-A
  • Mil-spec hard-coat anodized for maximum abrasive resistent


(No reviews yet) Write a Review