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Product Overview

Put that M600DF back to work!!

Having recently upgraded your LED head to Modlite, or better yet switched the entire setup to the OWL?  Having an M600DF in your drawer feeling loney?  Fret no more!  The Valhalla Tactical EDC is a handheld body designed to mate your Surefire M600DF with the ultra-compact, yet powerful, 18350 Li-Ion cells (available here).  While maintaining the same 1,500 lumen output of the M600DF, it even reuses the Surefire clicky tail-cap that came with your weapon light.

In fact, the super wide flood from the M600DF can be considered "much better fit" for EDC duty.  As a task light, you typically want a very wide field-of-view for situational awareness, while still provide enough instant access to lumens to blind any approaching threats.  A tightly focused beam are not your best friend in those situations; but the M600 truly shines (pun intended) in these situations!

To top it off, we parter up with NeoMag for their exceptional Titanium pocket-clip.  No more filmsy spring-steel pocket clips that literlaly "bend out of shape" the moment it got yanked.  No matter how much you abuse it, these Titanium clips stay strong and hold their shape.  This is one combo that will last your lifetime!!


* The Baldr EDC Body is always sold as a bundle (you want a pocket clip).  But if you already own the EDC light and just want a different height pocket clip, select "None" on the 2nd option and you can add just a clip to the cart.  The replacement clip will also come with 2x stainless steel screws.

If you are not sure what battery to get, add the KeepPower 18350 rechargable cells!  These are our #1 recommendation for high-drain applications - some low-cost cells won't provide the output power to run the M600DF and might even caught on fire.  Not to mention our KeepPower cells have built-in protection circuit, and our body is designed for the additional length.

Finally, our EDC body is compatible with any LED heads that are properly engineered to be compatible with Surefire M600DF heads.  Which means if money is no object and you really want a lightsaber in your pocket, you are allowed to put a Modlite OKW on it.


Read Paul Carlson's photo-heavy Baldr EDC Review HERE!

Made in USA / Berry Compliant


(No reviews yet) Write a Review