Baldr Hybrid Kit

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Product Overview

The original Baldr M-Lok System was a game-changing design, but we also realized the vast configurability has since become the bane of it's own existence.  Every day users call us asking "how do I know which offset plate is the best for my setup".  With so many choices available, building a perfect combo was HARD work.  But fear no more!  Valhalla Tactical is proud to introduce the Baldr Hybrid Kit — giving you the ability to try out every combination before ordering just the exact plate you needed.

  • Each kit comes bundled with a full set of fiber-reinforced, injection-molded, polymer mount plates.
  • All polymer mount plates have identical dimension and angle (degree of tilt) as their aero-grade aluminum counterpart.
  • Each polymer mount plate is stamped with the "type" number, so you can easily order the correct aluminum mount plate later.
  • All bodies are designed to use Surefire Scout Light compatible tail caps (sold separately).

These polymer mount plates are plenty strong enough for extended T&E use, so you can be sure your light will play nice with all your components (whether it be suppressor or laser or other accessories).  No more guess work and no more ordering the wrong plates!  In addition, the super rugged and reliable Baldr light body will provide years of service with either aluminum or polymer mount plates:

  • CNC machined from solid aerospace-grade aluminum billet
  • 100% USA made with USA material
  • Mil-spec Type-3 hard anodized

Finally, build out your complate illumination setup by adding LED heads, tail-caps or batteries!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review