Baldr Pivot Body

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$129.95 - $159.95

Product Overview

People say "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", and although it really doesn't apply here, it is still flattering that we have come to the same conclusion as Surefire, that a pivot body is the best way to mount your weapon light to your rail AND beat them to the market!

A joint project between Valhalla Tactical and Bobro Engineering, we took their excellent Surefire Scount pivot mount and added our own dedicated 18350 body to it.  The end result is the industry's most compact 1,500 lumen weapon light that has infinite angle of adjustment to maximize compatibility.  On top of it, any LED head that correctly follows Surefire's M600DF specification (including Modlite) will fit!

  • CNC machined in-house using domestically sourced aircraft grade aluminum
  • 100% Made in USA - billet, machining, anodizing


(No reviews yet) Write a Review