ODA for Surefire Scout Lights

Valhalla Tactical

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Product Overview

Give your Surefire Scount Light omni-directional, momentary activation capability!  Far more reliable than tape switches, our ODA gives you instant activation under any situation - even when stressed.

  • Compatible with Surefire Z68 tailcaps ONLY (standard on all Scout Lights including Pro/Turbo)
  • Patent Pending
  • Intuitively activates your light by pushing the knob in any direction - even forward!
  • Converts your Z68 tail-cap to TRUE momentary operations
  • Comes with additional discs to adjust sensitivity
  • No cable to route means no cable to rip/break/fail
  • Legendary reliability
  • Quarter-turn your Z68 tail-cap to disable the switch (standard SOP on many military units)
    • Prevents unintended activation
    • For storage or transportation
  • Cost-effective - the cheapest Surefire tape-switch combo (SFUE07) will set you back 3x as much
  • Lifetime Unconditional Warranty

Installation Instructions

  • Insert ODA from the back of your Z68 tail-cap
  • Line up the 4 set-screws with the existing lanyard holes in your Z68 tail cap
  • Lightly BACK OUT the set screws until each of them center itself into their respective lanyard holes
  • Check to make sure all 4 set screws are aligned correctly
  • Check the ODA for activation - replace the sensitivity disc if you wish to tune it.
  • BACK OUT each set screw 1 full turns (1 full rotation) for permament installation
    • Set screws should NOT protrude past the tailcap's shroud - if they stick out you've gone too far
  • Non-permament (blue) thread locker recommended but not required


(No reviews yet) Write a Review