ODA for REIN 1.0

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Product Overview

ODA for REIN.  Compatible with REIN 1.0 Tail Caps ONLY.

Hot on the heels of our award-winning ODA combo comes its twin brother - we are now testing the ODA for REIN!!  Compatible with both full-size and Micro REIN, this ODA retains all of the excellent features from what RECOIL called the "Best Accessories of SHOT Show 2022" - allowing for far more intuitive light operations without increasing risk of Unintended Activations (compare to typical remote tape switches).

For more information, visit our original SOL / ODA page here!

You may be told that the ODA *WILL* void your REIN warranty, because it eliminates the needs for the Cloud's remote switch.  But if it does break your REIN, we will replace your REIN for you.  Just humor us how you managed to do it...

Currently in BETA with limited supply.  You are requested to file a usage report (instructions included in package).  If you don't like it, contact us for a no-questions-asked, no-return-needed refund.

We may or may not release this product to final production, pending beta results...  Have fun!!


Note about REIN 2.0:  We originally developed / tested it with REIN 1.0, assuming since the head is interchangable, and 2.0 tail caps look the same, we'd be fine.  We also had a friend tested it and he said he has no problem with his 2.0.  However, we finally ordered ourselves a couple REIN 2.0 recently and found out the tail cap thread specs are NOT identical to 1.0; it is fractionally larger (but the same thread pitch).  Not sure if Cloud Defensive changed the dimension or it was just manufacturing tolerance, but our ODA adapter is EXTREME tight fit on REIN 2.0.  As a result, we are calling it "incompatibe" for now and will make adjustments ourselves with REIN 2.0 specific versions.  Thank you!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review