ODA Deployment Pack

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Product Overview

Requested by the US Special Operations community, this ODP (ODA Deployment Pack) combines our functional and reliable ODA for Z68 tailcaps, along with the easy-to-use Z68 throw-lever, into a bundle that is ready for deployment.

  • Compatible with Z68 Tailcaps ONLY (standard on all Scout lights including Pro/Turbo)
  • Patent Pending
  • Tailored for night-vision equipped operations
  • ODA is more intuitive and more reliable than any tape switch
    • Activate your white light by pressing the knob in any direction
    • Convert Z68 to TRUE momentary-only operations
    • No cable management required = no cable to break/fail
  • Throw-lever provides quicker and easier way to meet unit SOP
    • Takes advantage of the Z68's quarter-turn lock-out function - some units require disabling of white light during night-time / IR operations, especially when weapon is slung or not actively used
    • Minimize or eliminate white light UA (Unintended Activation)
    • Prevents unintended battery drain during transportation
  • Maintains ability to rapidly respond with superior white light when challenged by white light
    • A deliberate movement can enable the switch and activate the light in quick sequence
  • Lifetime Unconditional Warranty
  • Introductory Pricing - While Supply Last


(No reviews yet) Write a Review