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Introducing the world's first adjustable offset RDS mount that can adapt to multiple sight-over-bore heights!

  • Pivot body allows the backup optic to rest as close to, or as far from, the primary optic.
  • Grade 5 Titanium provides maximum strength.
  • Interchangeable base plates for use with multiple brands of optics.
  • User-replaceable towers can convert mount to different optic heights.
  • Completely reversible for right or left-handed shooters.
  • Retains reasonable point-of-impact in CQB situations even if mount is impacted and pivoted.
  • RMR base plate includes removable cover for accessing the RMR's battery compartment.  Battery access cap can store 1x spare battery regardless of optics used.

RMR base plate will fit Holosun 507/508 or other RDS with RMR-compatible footprints.

RMR version will ship first (in approciamtely 4-6 weeks); additional base plates (for DPP, T1, ACRO, etc.) will ship ~2-3 weeks after the RMR combo ships.



  • Base-plate to Tower screws (4x):  Medium thread locker @ 12 inch-lb
  • RMR to base-plate screws (2x): Medium thread locker @ 12 inch-lb
  • Tower to clamp screws (2x): Medium thread locker @ 25 or 60 inch-lb
    • 25 inch-lb to allow strategic "stress-relieve" shifts under impact (might save your optic)
    • 60 inch-lb for high holding strength (will not shift even under moderate impact)
    • 1 drop of high strength thread locker on the pivot surface @ 60 inch-lb for absolute hold strength (warning: your optic may break before the mount shifts)
  • RMR battery cap:  Finger-tighten only.  O-ring will hold cap in place.
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