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Product Overview


Introducing the world's first fully adjustable offset mount – developed specifically for 1.93 height!

  • "Quite possibly the coolest single accessory of SHOT Show 2020" - Recoil
  • All CNC'ed in-house and proudly Made in USA
  • Pivot body allows the backup optic to rest as close to, or as far from, the primary optic.
    • NEW Positive Locking feature provides 12 adjustale angle
  • 1.93 height improves shooting comfort (TFB review HERE).
  • NEW 2.26 height is NVG passive-aiming compatible
  • Grade 5 Titanium provides maximum strength.
  • Interchangeable base plates for use with multiple brands of optics.
  • Also available for co-witness height.
    • User-replaceable towers can convert mount to different optic heights in the future.
  • Completely reversible for right or left-handed shooters.
  • RMR base plate includes removable cover for accessing the RMR's battery compartment.
    • Battery access cap is designed to store 1x spare battery; useful even for other RDS.
  • "Clamp+Tower Only" option will NOT include any optic plates (but will include the 4x screws that attach the optic plate to the tower).  You can build a hybrid mount by choosing this option plus one of the aluminum optic plates for our Hanger series.

Optic Plate Compatibilities
RMR: also fits Holosun 407C/507C/508T or other RDS with Trijicon compatible footprints.
DeltaPoint Pro: also fits Holosun 407K/507K or other RDS with DeltaPoint compatible footprints.
Aimpoint Micro: T-1/H-1/T-2/H-2 plus other RDS with Aimpoint Micro footprints.
RTS2: also fits Vortex Razor Red Dot or other RDS with CMore RTS2 compatible footprints.


Installation Instructions:

  • Optic-plate to Tower screws (4x):  Medium thread locker @ 12 inch-lb
  • RMR to base-plate screws (2x): Medium thread locker @ 12 inch-lb
  • Tower to clamp screws (2x): Medium thread locker @ 25 or 60 inch-lb
    • 25 inch-lb to allow strategic "stress-relieve" shifts under impact (might save your optic)
    • 60 inch-lb for high holding strength (will not shift even under moderate impact)
    • 1 drop of high strength thread locker on the pivot surface @ 60 inch-lb for absolute hold strength (warning: your optic may break before the mount shifts)
  • RMR battery cap:  Finger-tighten only.  O-ring will hold cap in place.
  • Use 5/64 hex driver for the 4x optic-plate screws; 9/64 hex driver for the 2x clamp screws (hex drivers NOT included)

Optional Stainless Steel clamp-screws can be found here, or bundled via the option before the "Add-to-Cart" button.

Screws to install your optic to the Rukh are NOT included - they will typically come with your optic.  For RMR, use 6-32 x 1/2".  Holosun uses 6-32 x 3/8".  DPP uses a custom M4 screw only available from Leupold.


System Weights

  • Tower + Clamps + all screws:  39g (1.93) / 34g (co-witness)
  • RMR Optic Plate:  21g
  • RTS2 Optic Plate:  19g
  • T1 Optic Plate:  14g
  • DeltaPoint Pro Optic Plate:  19g

For example, total system weight for the heaviest setup (RMR + 1.93) would be 39g+21g = 60g (or, only 2.1 oz)


Co-Witness or 1.93?

  • If your 12 o'clock optic (magnified or otherwise) is 1.93 height, go with 1.93 Rukh for sure.
  • If your 12 o'clock optic is lower 1/3 co-witness, go with 1.93 Rukh.  It typically aligns better.
  • If your 12 o'clock optic is absolute co-witness, go with co-witness Rukh.  UNLESS:
    • You want a more up-right head position for CQB.  1.93 offset could speed up dot acquisition.
    • You want improved situational awareness when switched to red dot.  A taller offset keeps your eyes higher above bore, which means you can see past the 12 o'clock optic better.
    • You have a large offset light or laser (e.g.MAWL) in front that could be blocking the view.

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(6 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Rukh mount

    Posted by Marc on Nov 6th 2023

    I met these guys at the memorial 3 gun Laurinburg, NC and their stuff is top notch. Extremely well thought out, well machined, coated, and its absolutely a mount with all the adjustments and features that you will not ever have to worry about losing your red dot

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Ken on Dec 30th 2022

    Very strong and sturdy, held my Delta Point Pro perfectly. I did have a considerable hard time choosing which height I wanted to buy, I am currently looking for a new primary optic.

  • 5
    Exactly What I Needed

    Posted by J. Erigoyen on Sep 28th 2022

    The RUKH is the perfect platform for my RMR on my REPR MKII. The OEM BUIS were relatively useless, because I have my scope mounted on rings. I decided to go with an offset mounted Red dot rather that offset sights. Unfortunately I purchased several offset red dot mounts (that didn’t work for my setup) before I discovered the RUKH. The adjustable arm allowed me to place my RMR exactly where I needed it. I will definitely use the RUKH again!

  • 5

    Posted by James Stinson on Apr 27th 2022

    The best product ever made for quick secondary target acquisition when going from scope to red dot. Adjustable so you do not have head movement and only small firearm rotation. Valhalla Tactical in my opinion hit a home run with this product. Dealing with their employees was a pleasure and the time taken to help me put the right package together will not be forgotten.

  • 5
    Bravo Zulu

    Posted by Stoops on May 9th 2021

    The RUKH is built like a tank but is only as heavy as a paper airplane. Now I'm just a squid so I cannot compare this to other tactical equipment especially offset mounts. But I can tell you that as a twidget even I was able to get this installed in less then 10 minutes and was able to easily get my offset RMR an ideal length from my pupil and ensure it wasn't intrusive. Look at the cost as it relates to the glass you are using and not as some number without context. And remember when it comes to your weapon you also have to put things into the context of what your life is worth. BZ Valhalla Tactical this mount exceeds all expectations. V/r Stoops

  • 5
    RUKH - Simply the best RMR mount available

    Posted by Mark Burgard on Nov 12th 2020

    Compared to other mounts, yes, the RUKH is expensive. If you stop your investigation at that point you will be doing yourself a disservice. This is, hands-down, the best angled mount for an RMR out there. Its ability to articulate to a variety angles AND its strength to hold those angles are invaluable. I've been running this mount for two weeks now and smacked it several times moving around barricades. I think my rail might break before the mount ever will. I've not needed the ability to switch tower heights but knowing it is an option is fantastic as well. The smart addition of a quick access port for battery replacement is also a key differentiator. The option of different colors would be a good improvement. Excellent work Valhalla!