Rukh (DLC Black)

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Product Overview

Same award-winning Rukh, now in BLACK!

Introducing the world's first fully adjustable offset mount – developed specifically for 1.93 heights!

  • "Quite possibly the coolest single accessory of SHOT Show 2020" - Recoil
  • Pivot body allows the backup optic to rest as close to, or as far from, the primary optic.
  • 1.93 height improves shooting comfort and much more NVG friendly (TFB review HERE).
  • Grade 5 Titanium provides maximum strength.
  • Interchangeable base plates for use with multiple brands of optics.
  • Also available for co-witness height.
    • User-replaceable towers can convert mount to different optic heights in the future.
  • Completely reversible for right or left-handed shooters.
  • RMR base plate includes removable cover for accessing the RMR's battery compartment.
    • Battery access cap is designed to store 1x spare battery; useful even for other RDS.
  • Retains reasonable point-of-impact in CQB situations even if mount is impacted and pivoted.
  • "Clamp+Tower Only" option will NOT include any optic plates (but will include the 4x screws that attach the optic plate to the tower).  You can build a hybrid mount by choosing this option plus one of the aluminum optic plates for our Hanger series.

Optic Plate Compatibilities
RMR: also fits Holosun 407C/507C/508T or other RDS with Trijicon compatible footprints.
DeltaPoint Pro: also fit Holosun 407K/507K or other RDS with DeltaPoint compatible footprints.
Aimpoint Micro: T-1/H-1/T-2/H-2 plus other RDS with Aimpoint Micro footprints.
RTS2: also fits Vortex Razor Red Dot or other RDS with CMore RTS2 compatible footprints.


Installation Instructions:

  • Optic-plate to Tower screws (4x):  Medium thread locker @ 12 inch-lb
  • RMR to base-plate screws (2x): Medium thread locker @ 12 inch-lb
  • Tower to clamp screws (2x): Medium thread locker @ 25 or 60 inch-lb
    • 25 inch-lb to allow strategic "stress-relieve" shifts under impact (might save your optic)
    • 60 inch-lb for high holding strength (will not shift even under moderate impact)
    • 1 drop of high strength thread locker on the pivot surface @ 60 inch-lb for absolute hold strength (warning: your optic may break before the mount shifts)
  • RMR battery cap:  Finger-tighten only.  O-ring will hold cap in place.
  • Use 5/64 hex driver for the 4x optic-plate screws; 9/64 hex driver for the 2x clamp screws (hex drivers NOT included)

Optional Stainless Steel clamp-screws can be found here, or bundled via the option before the "Add-to-Cart" button.

Screws to install your optic to the Rukh are NOT included - they will typically come with your optic.  For RMR, use 6-32 x 1/2".  Holosun uses 6-32 x 3/8".  DPP uses a custom M4 screw only available from Leupold.


System Weights

  • Tower + Clamps + all screws:  39g (1.93) / 34g (co-witness)
  • RMR Optic Plate:  21g
  • RTS2 Optic Plate:  19g
  • T1 Optic Plate:  14g
  • DeltaPoint Pro Optic Plate:  19g

For example, total system weight for the heaviest setup (RMR + 1.93) would be 39g+21g = 60g (or, only 2.1 oz)


Co-Witness or 1.93?

  • If your 12 o'clock optic (magnified or otherwise) is 1.93 height, go with 1.93 Rukh for sure.
  • If your 12 o'clock optic is lower 1/3 co-witness, go with 1.93 Rukh.  It typically aligns better.
  • If your 12 o'clock optic is absolute co-witness, go with co-witness Rukh.  UNLESS:
    • You want a more up-right head position for CQB.  1.93 offset could speed up dot acquisition.
    • You want improved situational awareness when switched to red dot.  A taller offset keep your eyes higher above bore, which means you can see past the 12 o'clock optic better.
    • You have a large offset light or laser (e.g.MAWL) in front that could be blocking the view.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review