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After more than a year of testing and improvements, we are now actively shipping!

Deceive your enemies like no other!  The world's first (and only) appendix-carry jacket that provides you the option to de-escalate without losing your ability to escalate.

  • Best Concealed Carry Jacket / CCW Jacket in the industry for appendix carry!
  • Patent-pending pass-through faux pockets allow access to firearm without your adversaries noticing
  • Rip-open front flaps provide unprecedented draw speed
  • Advanced material is rip- and water-resistent
  • Hand-Garage gives a cozy place to warm your hands without detracting access to firearm
  • Chest pockets allow easy access when wearing plate carriers
  • Chest-rig compatible (order one size larger so jacket will fit over most chest rigs) — Front Flap can be tucked behind chest rig for aggresive negotiations.
  • Patent Pending

Jacket is sized for a "fitted", athletic feel.  Suitable for sub-compact, particularly single-stack, pistol carrying.  If you tend to layer your clothings (e.g. northern climate) or carry a full-size pistol, order one size up.  If you like your jackets baggy, order two sizes up.

If at any time you have to shoot through the jacket for defensive purpose, bag it up, mail it back to us, and include a letter explaining what happened.  We will replace your jacket absolutely free of charge!

Size Chart

(Inches) Small Medium Large XL 2X 3X
Chest Width 21.50 22.50 23.50 24.50 25.50 26.50
Chest Circumference 43.00 45.00 47.00 49.00 51.00 53.00
Waist Width 20.50 21.50 22.50 23.50 24.50 25.50
Front Length 26.50 27.50 28.50 29.50 30.50 31.50
Sleeve Length 25.75 26.50 27.00 28.25 28.75 30.00


(10 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 4

    Posted by Jonathan on Jan 6th 2024

    Do you have any jacket with a hood? And if not are you planning on making 1? I'm planning on ordering one but I'd prefer it have a hood

  • 3
    Waterproof but no hood.??

    Posted by Chris Berdahl on Jan 6th 2024

    Why go through the effort of making this jacket extremely waterproof if you’re not going to add a hood.??

  • 5
    Safety, Comfort, and Style. I'm in Love!

    Posted by Thomas on Dec 31st 2023

    For starts, I'm 5'6, 130 pounds, and for the most part, a very small guy. However, I saw a reviewer with similar stature mention a small being perfect, and knew I probably needed a medium. I have very broad shoulders, meaning jackets that fit my body don't tend to fit my arms or shoulders. Going with the medium size, this thing is perfect. It's ever so slightly larger than needed in the arms, but doesn't look out of place. I have just enough arm room to assume my firing stance, and can tell that the small would have definitely been too confining with my shoulders. The medium is absolutely perfect. The jacket itself looks absolutely gorgeous, and my wife complimented how it looked on me the entire time I practiced. The thing is a huge step-up from my usual fair-weather jacket in terms of look and material. 10/10 visually. The buttons for the draw flap are very, very snappy. I'm grateful that there are 3, because it allows me to tension the pull exactly how I want it. For me, a right handed shooter, I only use one button on the left and two on the right for a more reliable detachment. As for the functionality itself, I couldn't be happier. I had actually yearned for a product exactly like this, and...here it is. It works incredibly well, but it DOES take practice. Be sure to run a few drills with this thing when you get it. I haven't taken it to the range yet, but after 30 minutes of dry firing, I'm already very confident with my draw. It takes some getting used to, but once you've adapted even a little, it starts to feel genuinely amazing. It looks impressive, too (not that it matters much for functional reasons, but...come on, it's awesome), and it feels almost natural. If you've trained with normal drawing from clothing, you're likely already confident with your ability and undoubtedly proficient. But this? This is on a whole new level. Even just doing drills, the immediate sense of safety you get when able to actually have your hand on your weapon, and shirt tucked under it without another soul knowing, is amazing. I'll be sure to keep practicing with it, but this thing is seriously one of a kind. Literally, even. Your draw will be faster, smoother, and overall better by the time you start to even marginally adapt. Now, as for the temp, this thing is a lot warmer than I expected. That's honestly a bit of a shame, because there's no chance I can wear this once things get warmer. It will be great for those chilly days or nights, but if it's even a bit warm, you're gonna sweat. If they make a sleeveless version, I'm immediately sold. I have a thin vest for summer use, and would love something similar. Thin, sleeveless, and breezy. Please, please make that so I can throw more money at you amazing people! With how this thing feels and works, I wouldn't even be upset if it's the same price. I'm seriously over the moon with this jacket. To be really serious for a moment, I've been certified for CCW for the past 8 years, and licensed for 6. I got my certification before actually being able to apply for my card. I'm small and went through a situation that would have ended a lot better if I were armed. I've spent more time at the range than I have at my first two jobs combined. I can draw from my holster in the blink of an eye in summer, but in winter? Things get harder. If you've got two layers on and are bundled up, it's a lot harder to draw, and gloves only add to that extra difficulty. This jacket removes two layers of difficulty immediately, and that's something I deeply value. At the end of the day, we're all buying this for the safety of not just ourselves, but those around us. The faster we can draw and fire, the faster we can save lives. I was skeptical to order from a company I've never truly heard about on a website I've never touched. But for this kind of safety and functionality, I rolled the die. And I was not disappointed at all. Not only did it arrive exactly when stated, but it shipped the same day! It arrived within 4 days using the free shipping option. That is amazing; genuinely astounding shipping. For something you're more or less banking your life on, you really do value this swift shipping. I do, at least. I gambled on this company and am so glad I did. Sorry for being a bit tangential here, but this thing is seriously a product I've wanted for years. The fact it's real and finally in my hands just leaves me equal parts ecstatic and at ease. Yeah, I just ordered a product, and as such things go, it arrived. But who hasn't had an awful experience ordering something online? I really didn't want to have to deal with the hassle of explaining that it didn't arrive, came damaged, or was somehow just off. But none of that happened. My product shipped the same day, arrived within 4 days, and works exactly as stated. I love this thing, and I'm beyond happy with my purchase. If you CCW, add this thing to your wardrobe ASAP. You won't be found wanting.

  • 5
    This is Loki the best jacket for conceal carry

    Posted by Shin on Dec 29th 2023

    Just got my hands on the Loki jacket, and it's incredible. Beyond offering a discreet way to carry, it's like a second skin. I envision one day having one for winter and a lightweight version for breezy days. It's a wardrobe essential! Love how it blends into the world while offering protection and quick access to my concealed weapon. Well done, Valhalla Tactical!"

  • 4
    Great Jacket, One Complaint

    Posted by Kris Lopez on Oct 9th 2023

    I purchased this jacket in December 2022 after coming across a YouTube video demonstrating its rapid firearm draw functionality. It quickly became one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe and my go-to jacket for various situations. However, my primary and only point of contention is the absence of a zipper alongside the snaps. I believe having this option would make it more secure, especially in situations where quick access is not a priority. For instance, I've found it inconvenient when walking my dog in cold weather. With my hands in my pockets, a sudden tug from my dog can easily undo the snaps, leaving me exposed to the cold and potentially flashing my firearm. Additionally, I once inadvertently unfastened the snaps when rushing from an airport parking lot to catch a flight, all because my hands were in my pockets. In all other aspects, this jacket meets and exceeds my expectations, offering rapid firearm access as advertised. If it included a zipper option alongside the snaps for added security, it would undoubtedly be a near-perfect piece of outerwear.

  • 5

    Posted by Jamie Hudy on Apr 1st 2023

    Just got mine, this thing is awesome. Not only can I stage my hand on the pistol, but I can rip the front up like a tee shirt. Very discreet, blends into the world. I'd love to have a winter coat and a very light weight windbreaker like this. Well done , this jacket is a game changer.

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    Loki's Jacket review

    Posted by MC on Mar 24th 2023

    The Loki jacket was a fantastic addition to my wardrobe. It provided excellent protection from the elements, while also allowing me to discreetly carry my concealed weapon. The jacket's material was tough and durable, making it resistant to abrasions and tears. It was also waterproof and windproof, which is helpful during bad weather. One of the standout features of the jacket was its ability to conceal a firearm. The jacket has access designed specifically for appendix carry, which allowed me to carry discreetly with fast and easy access to my firearm. The jacket was surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to wear. It fits me well and doesn’t restrict my movement, making it perfect for everyday wear. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the Loki jacket. Its durability, protection from the elements, and added features for carrying a concealed weapon made it a versatile and valuable addition to my wardrobe. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality and functional CCW jacket.

  • 4

    Posted by Jon Ryan on Mar 1st 2023

    The concept and design of this jacket is very nice . 6”1 230 got a xxl and it fits perfect. I would definitely suggest sizing up . My only issue is the snaps come undone with very little effort while putting hands in pocket aside from that I love this new piece of gear .

  • 5
    Loki Jacket

    Posted by F Mendes on Feb 24th 2023

    This is a great outer shell type jacket for CCWs, with an ingenious way for a very quick deployment. It runs true to size even when accounting for the firearm ( I’m 5’’6” / 180 lbs ). After reading the description my wife ordered me a size Medium for a Valentine’s Day gift ( I know, I know, she’s a keeper lol ) but the jacket turned a little larger on the shoulder and sleeves than I’d like. I contacted Valhalla Tactical who immediately was ok with an exchange for a small and within a few short days of shipping them back the original jacket, I had the replacement at my door step. Outstanding customer service and product!