Z68 Throw Lever

Valhalla Tactical

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Product Overview

Rapidly enable / disable your Scout light as needed / per SOP!

  • Compatible with Surefire Z68 or UE Tailcaps ONLY (Z68 is standard on all Scout Lights including Pro/Turbo)
  • Taking the Z68's built-in "quarter turn lock-out" function to the MAX!
  • Far easier to use with gloves or under stress
  • Pairs extremely well with our Surefire ODA - a single, deliberate motion can activate your white light
  • Multi-axis CNC machined using aircraft grade aluminum billet
  • Made in USA
  • Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

Installation Instructions

  • Remove tailcap from light body
  • Slide our Throw Lever over it - you can orient it on either direction
    • On SOME Z68 tail caps it would be tight - loosen the clamp screw and spread the ring a little
  • While the Throw Lever is still loose, reinstall and fully tighten the tailcap, then rotate it out (back it out) to find the optimal lock-out position (where the light no longer turns on when the switch is pressed)
  • Position the Throw Lever accordingly according to your desired lock-out position or range of motion
  • Tighten clamp screw to 10-12 inch-lb (use only 2-fingers to tighten if you do not have a torque driver)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review