Dual-Fuel LED Head

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Product Overview

If you aren't ready to drop the dough for a Surefire or Modlite head, here is a stop-gap for you!  Carefully vetted, these LED heads will still run circles around 90% of the competition without breaking the bank.

  • 1,600 lumen output*
  • 58,000 candela*
  • Dual-Fuel compatible (1x 18350/18650, or 2x CR123A)
    • Light head will maintain near similar output when using 2x CR123A - there is no discernable loss in performance in 2x CR123A mode
  • Mil-spec hard anodized
  • Firearm-specific electronics
    • components are oriented to mitigate shocks from recoil
    • circutary is finished in a modern re-flow oven - will not require potting like the old days.
  • Lifetime, no fault, unconditional guarantee - you break it (doesn't matter how), we replace it.
  • Compatible with all Valhalla Tactical Dual-Fuel Baldr Body
  • Drop-in replacement for all genuine Surefire M600DF (and Surefire-compatible) Dual-Fuel Body
    • EXCEPT Modlite Bodies - some of their OD (behind o-rings) does NOT follow Surefire spec.
  • Imported

Mod.1 is a single-mode LED head dedicated for weapon-mounting applications.

Mod.2 is a multi-mode, configurable LED head that can double-duty for EDC:

  • Mode-1 is Weapon mode; the LED head will always (and only) run at full power.
  • Mode-2 is Dual-Output mode; the LED head can switch between full-power and 300 lumens "task" mode by a "untap" (quickly switching the light off, and then immediately back on), and will remember what output was last-used.  Each time the LED head turns on, it will power up at the last-used output level.
  • Mode-3 is EDC mode; it is functionally identical to Mode-2 but adds a 10 lumens "moonlight" mode.  A quick "untap" will cycle between these modes.  Once turned off, it will power up at the last used output level.
  • To switch between mode, "tap" the switch 8 times and then hold (or fully press in) the switch on the 9th tap.  The light will blink either once, twice, or 3 times - corresponding to the mode it is now programmed to.

* Notes on lumen and candela output:  These are "instant max" values.  Many US weapon light manufacturers (Modlite, Cloud Defensive, etc) have now choosen to rate their lights using this method.  If you are interested in reading more, here are two excellent articles:

REIN 2.0 Lab Test

PL350 Real Lumen Output

Long story short, Instant Max is highly inflated and does not reflect real world performance.  But since every Chinese light suppliers are quoting this value, U.S. manufacturers must either play by their rules, or have our performance value appear artificially low.  It's not necessary "wrong"; think of it as crankshaft horsepower vs rear-wheel horsepower.  Rear-wheel HP is what matters, but crank HP will always be higher and look better on paper.

Nonetheless, for those in-the-know, both Surefire and Streamlight has in-so-far refused to play this game.  They are still quoting their output under the industry standard ANSI FL-1 method, which is a far more accurate representation of the light's real-world performance.  If you want to compare these DF-Mod.1/Mod.2 LED head against Surefire products, they will output approximately 1,300 lumen and 44,000 candela when measured using FL-1 (instead of Instant Max) method.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review