ARC Belt

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Product Overview

Inner Belt Recommended but NOT Included - compatible with any off-the-shelves "loop" style inner belts.

Originally invented/designed by Valhalla Tactical, our ARC belt is 100% manufactured in-house, right here in Ohio, exclusively for HRT Tactical Gear.

The ARC belt is the world's lightest modular gunbelt designed for both tier-1 operators and weekend warriors alike.  Clocks in at mere 5 oz, fully contoured and highly adjustible, it will be the most comfortable belt you've ever owned!

  • Comfort
    • Fully contoured polymer core shapes the belt to fit your body
    • Custom, skin-safe hooks will not tear into flesh (or your combat shirts) when used without Velcro inner belt
  • Featherlight
    • Woven polymer core offers unmatched strength-to-weight ratio
    • Sectional Laser-cut sleeves reduce weight
      • Eliminates the need for heavy webbing
      • Only covers necessary sections of the belt
    • Naturally hydrophobic for maritime operations or not take on additional weight under inclement weather
  • Rigidity for Load Bearing
    • Clever design utilizes the stiffness of the core for weight-bearing
    • Rigid inner core ensures mounted accessories such as holsters retain minimal movement
    • Captured tail further improves belt rigidity
  • Modulatiry
    • Additional sleeves planned for custom tuning, including rear attachments
    • Accomodate different waist size by simply switching out the inner core
    • User replaceable buckle opens-up possibilities
  • Durability
    • Woven polymer core can withstand loads similar to carbon fiber, while also significantly more impact resistant
    • Mil-spec webbing provide “last mile” fine-adjustment without sacrificing strength
  • Practicality
    • No “dead space” for MOLLE mounting positions: MOLLE sleeve can be moved in 1.5” inclement, so MOLLE slots will always be available right by the buckle
    • Industry’s largest adjustment range for each size variant (3 sizes, 9+ inch each, 26-48 inches)
    • Fully reversible for right or left-handed shooters
  • Compatibility
    • Compatible with all HRT pouches and other MOLLE accessories
    • Multiple mounting method for holsters, such as MOLLE, direct/clamp mount, and Broko mount
    • Built-in accessory slots accept various carabiners for accessory (such as glove) management


Sizing Recommendations

  • Run a tailor's tape ON TOP of your inner belt (or over your pants if not using inner belt), and correspond your measurement to the following:
    • Small/Medium: 26-36"
    • Medium/Large: 32-42"
    • Large/XL: 38-48"
    • Note:  inner belt not included


(No reviews yet) Write a Review