34mm ADM Recon Hanger

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Product Overview

Optic Plates REQUIRED.  Sold seperately here.

The Hanger is the industry's most clever offset optic mounting system which takes sight-height-over-bore into account from the very first day of product-design.  Specifically designed for the ADM Recon Mounts, we were able to achieve an unmatched transition speed, while keeping weight to minimum.  The Hanger even allows you to easily use your RDS as your primary sight, while switches to a magnified optics as-needed and on-the-fly.

  • Matching sight-height over bore ensures consistent cheekweld, even with the Recon-H 1.93 high mount
  • Transition between magnified and offset RDS requires no head-movement
  • Offset RDS is automaticlly positioned at exactly 90-degrees when deployed, to ease zeroing - just swap your windage and elevation
  • Lighter than any stand-alone offset mounts in the market
  • Fully reversable for mounting on either left or right side of your main optic
  • Fully integrated with scope mount means when using ADM's QD lock, both optics will RTZ
  • CNC machined in-house from aerospace-grade aluminum billets
  • Mil-spec "Hard Coat" Anodized for maximum ruggedless
  • Interchangble optic plates allows different RDS to be mounted, ensuring future upgradability
  • Selected optic plates offer multiple mounting position for ease-of-installation

This is the 34mm version.  For the ADM Recon 30mm Mount, Click HERE.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review