Professional Testing and Evaluation Program

Valhalla Tactical has always developed our products based on community and professional feedbacks.  In following this tradition, we are honored to offer this Professional T&E Program so that we can stay in touch with our users and the community!  Qualifying participants will be able to retain any Valhalla Tactical products at 50% off.  Limit one unit per product per individual per year.

  1. Qualification:  All users demonstrating firearm proficies:
    1. Military - any active duty or retired veterans will qualify.
    2. Law Enforcement - such as police or SWAT officers will qualify.
    3. Individuals - firearm instructurs or individuals participating heavily in shooting sports.
  2. How to participate:
    1. (Optional) Contact us if you with to confirm you are eligible for particilation.
    2. Purchase the product you are interested in full price at
    3. You will have 60 days to evaluate the product.

At any time during the evaluation period, if you find the product fails to meet your expectation, you may submit a report and return the product for a full refund, regardless of the condition of the product - even if it has a bullet hole over it.  We want you to test it HARD without any reservation, and let us know how we can improve.

At the end of the evaluation period, if you find the product meet your expectation and it is something you will recommend to your peer, please perform one of the following to receive your T&E discount:

  1. Upload a review on popular video channel such as; or
  2. Post a review on popular online forums such as or; or
  3. Share your experience on social media site such as Facebook or Instagram which garners minimum 1,000 "likes" (can be combination of multiple posts)

All published reviews should include the following information:

  1. Title of review should include Valhalla Tactical and the product name.
  2. Review should outline your experience from receiving to using the product.
  3. Review should include what you like and don't like about our product (be honest and unbiased).
  4. Review should include link to the product's page on
  5. For forum posts, photos of the product is encouraged.
  6. Please do not write "one line" review; you don't have to write a 30-page research paper but we would like you to share enough enough information for other users to be educated.

Once published, e-mail, and provide your original order number along with link(s) to the published review(s), to receive your 50% discount.  (The discount will be issued as partial-refund to your original order.)

Thank you in advance for your support!