Skadi Optic Mounts

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Expected release date is Jan 3rd 2030

Product Overview

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Optic Plate is REQUIRED!  Please make sure you select one before adding to cart, unless you are just switching mounts and plan to reuse your old Optic Plate.

The Valhalla Tactical SkadiTM merges strength, ease-of-use, and 1.93 height together into the industry's most innovative QD red dot mount.  Clever combination of Grade-5 Titanium cam-lock inside a 7075 housing delivers ucompromising clamping strength without any weight penalty.  While the fully modular design allows us to offer an 1.93 mount that is most widely compatible with optics in the market, both current and future.

  • The Skadi is a modular system comprised of a Mount Base and an Optic Plate:
    • Mount Base QD to industry-standard picatinny rails.
    • Optic Plates are red-dot sight specific.
    • By selecting various Optic Plates we can offer the industry's widest selection of RDS compatibility in 1.93+ heights, while keeping extra weights to a minimum.
  • Double-leverage titanium locking clamps ensure the most secure fitment even under heavy recoils.
  • Zero protrusion on either side eliminate the common snag hazard from lever-based QD mounts
  • Flush-mounted side-access release fully recess into the mount housing, allowing mounting of other accessories (such as BUIS) directy in front or behind the Skadi
  • Adjustable QD locker adapts to even over- or under-sized rails


Don't forget to include your corresponding Optic Plates, which is also directly compatible with our HangerTM Offset System! They will also fit the RukhTM shall you wish to move your red dot to a offset duty.

  • RMR optic plate will also work for the SRO, Holosun 407C/507C/508T, and other RDS that matches the RMR footprint. Sealing plates are required for RMR.
  • DeltaPoint Pro optic plate will also work for Holosun 407K/507k and other RDS that matches the DPP footprint.
  • Aimpoint T-1 optic plate will also work for various T-1 compatible optics.
  • Docter optic plate will also work for Vortex Viper, Venom, and some Burris RDS that is compatible with the Docter footprint.
  • Cmore RTS2 optic plate will also work for Vortex Razor Red Dot,  certain Romeo, and other RDS that is compatible with the RTS2 footprint.

For detailed description and full compatibility list, visit each optic plate's listing HERE.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review