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The Valhalla MRAC begun development in 2010 as one of our complete "black" projects, in response to operators who needed a extremely low-profile, but mission-adaptive / rapidly re-configurable armor and load carrying system utilizing next-generation releasable mechanism.  As one of the very first non-military agency to incorporate the patented Quad Release system, which later-on seen large-scale deployment in IOTV Gen3/4, we were pioneers in bleeding edge nylon design and technologies.

For example, our removable skeletal front MOLLE mounting platform predates any modern "placard" system, allowing different load-out to be swapped in within moment's notice.  We introduced it's super low-profile cut when "complete coverage" was the norm of tactical gear design and "lighter = faster = deadlier" wasn't even a well-understood concept. This also required a completely mold-breaking placement of Quad Release buckles never before (or after) seen in any tactical plate carrier, receiving rave reviews of being the most comfortable, adjustable, and configurable system available.  Last but not least, this releasable system is the only known single-motion releasable system that can be re-assembled in less than 30 seconds - enabling battlefield emergency medical access and rapid restoration of armor protection.

For a long time, the Valhalla MRAC has been restricted to approved military purchase only; and only after 6 years of behind-the-scene service it was finally made available to civilian purchase.  It may be decade-old and perhaps overdue for a re-design, but we believe it is still very much competitive with today's plate carriers. As we felt this legacy should live on, we will continue to offer the original MRAC to fans and collectors alike.

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