Baldr System - M600DF Scout Light 18350 Body

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The Baldr System represents a whole new approach to weapon light mounting. By combining an innovative blade-style body design with adaptable mounting plates, we can tailor-fit each light to it's host and configure the mounting position based on the user's requirements - be it as low-profile as possible, or your need to clear other peripherals such as sighting devices.

Furthermore, by eliminating the tiny screws required to attach most weapon lights to it's mount, the Baldr System not only brings configurability to the market, but also extreme ruggedness never before seen in traditional mounting method. It is widely known that the two mount holes in traditional Surefire bodies are weak - after all, unanodized aluminum threads are fragile. We've seen them strip after just a few mount/dismount, especially when they are easily over-torqued. The Baldr system use two rugged, steel bolts to attach both the body and it's respective mount plate to your M-Lok rail platform, eliminating the one last weak point of traditional Surefire mounting style.

For detailed mounting and clearance instructions, please visit our Baldr Mounting Guide (available soon).

Torque spec: 25 in. lbs MAX

Medium strength thread locker is recommended.


- Unibody design incorporates mounting blade directly onto light body, providing unprecedented strength
- Direct-Attach method provides bomb-proof installation between light and weapon
- Multiple mount-plates offer different mount angles for your specific application
- Symmetrical profile allows body to be mounted on either side of weapon, or even upside down.
- Most Baldr light bodies are compatible with multiple LED heads, offering modularity and future upgrade path
- Fully compatible with all Surefire UE tailcap, DS00 tailcap, Z68 switch and other Scout-compatible caps.
- MIL-A-8625 Type III hard coat anodized in Matte Black
- 5-axis CNC machined in America using 6061-T6 Aerospace Aluminum
- 100% US Made with 100% US Material
- BODY ONLY!! LED head, tail caps and mounting plates not included!


Designed for Surefire M600DF LED Head (must be acquired separately)

As the latest member of the Surefire Scout family, the (almost excessive) 1,500 lumen output of the M600 Dual Fuel can now be utilized in a much more compact configuration! Utilizing high-drain 18350 cells that are half the size of 18650 cells, you get all the light output but none of the bulk. Other 100% M600DF body compatible light heads, such as Modlite heads, may also work on our light body.


Compatibility Notice:

Due to the different design of M600DF light head, using unprotected 18350 flat head cell may cause flickering problem under recoil. Some third-party lights have better recoil mitigation design and thus may work with both protected and unprotected 18350 cell. However, we still recommend protected cells across the board for the safety of your expensive equipment. Protected 18350 cells can be found in our online store.

CR123 form Lithium batteries are NOT supported. Misusing batteries can cause overheating, damage to equipment and injury.

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